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PBS Provides...

. . . Years of professional experience, compassion, and dedication! We work with the individual to design services around their strengths. No person is the same, and no treatment plan should be either! We strive to bring the highest quality staff to be a part of the daily life of our clients, encouraging and supporting self-growth and increased independence.


Our Services

“Coming together is a beginning;

keeping together is progress;

working together is success.”

                                                                           - Henry Ford


As a team, we work directly with the client, their family and support system, and all who contribute to their quality of life. Using a multidisciplinary approach allows for services to be uniquely designed to meet each client's needs and desires.

Residential Habilitation Services 


PBS provides direct-care staff who work with individuals twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in their own home. We provide individualized programs while upholding participant choice. As professionals, we provide training, oversight, and quality assurance for the employee and participant alike.

Available in Boise, Nampa, Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey and surrounding areas.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Services 


Community-Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) (formally known as PSR) are one-on-one, private instructions on social skills. A CBRS specialist works directly with their clients to assist with independent skills.  This program is an individual, community-based service for adults and children with mental illnesses.

Available in Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey and surrounding areas.


Home and Community-Based Developmental Services 


Our Home and Community-Based Developmental Therapy Services are individualized services in which we teach individuals with developmental disabilities skills that promote independence. These services can be provided in the home or in the home-community specific to the needs of the individuals and their plan(s).

Available in Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey, and surrounding areas.



Our counselors specialize in working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Counseling helps clients gain the insight and coping skills needed to heal from past or current issues. During counseling, clients learn about their condition, feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Using the insight and knowledge gained in counseling, clients obtain healthy coping skills and learn stress management. These services are provided in an office or at a client's home.

Available in Boise, Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey and surrounding areas.

Case Management 


Case Management assists individuals with identifying goals, strengths, and potential needs. A Case Manager will assist with obtaining services, resources, and will monitor ancillary services to accomplish the individual’s goals and address the individual's needs.  

Available in Boise, Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey and surrounding areas.


Habilitative Intervention Services


Habilitative Intervention Services serve to improve a child's adaptive skills while discouraging problem behaviors. 

Below is a link that describes these services and others offered through the Children's Redesign Program.

Available in Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey and surrounding areas.

More Info

A brief description of the services we offer is listed below. If you do not see the particular service you are looking for, please contact our office. We may be able to accommodate your needs!



Our company believes in well-rounded services encompassing not only a client's independence skills, but also ensuring that their health needs are addressed. We provide nursing services through an RN (Registered Nurse) to individuals who need them. The RN works closely with the team to provide medical oversight to increase each individual's quality of life. 

Available in Boise, Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey and surrounding areas.


Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections Services (IDJC)


PBS provides direct-care services to juveniles who age out of the system. Our staff teach them skills to assist them in their daily lives with a focus on fostering independence. Through assisted living, these juveniles are engaged in an environment that encourages responsible decision-making, healthy social interaction, and a structured schedule to maximize effectiveness.


Available in Boise, Twin Falls, Rupert, Hailey and surrounding areas.

Click the link below to review all services available through Medicaid!


Medicaid Services and Supports for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Apply for Services with Progressive Behavior Systems!


To begin the process of accessing one or more of our services, you can contact the nearest office and set up an appointment. We will discuss your eligibility status and provide the necessary assistance to obtain benefits if not already established. Read more on how we provide benefit assistance here!


Our application packet is available for download as well! You may begin completing this packet and bring it to the first meeting, or we will provide one for you when you meet with our intake member.




Progressive Behavior SYstems

Positive Results Achieved Through Hope, Integrity, and Dignity

Serving our communities to support adults and children with developmental disabilities 

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