Understanding and Applying for Benefits


We understand that the Medicaid and benefit-accessing processes can be challenging and overwhelming. If you or someone you know needs assistance in applying for services, we will gladly help at no charge! It is important that those who need community services are able to access them. We are well-versed with Social Security, Medicaid, Health and Welfare, Optum, and ICDE, and can guide you through the system. 


Here is a quick rundown of how to obtain services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities:


  • The individuals must first have a diagnosis of a developmental disability prior to the age of 22 years old.

  • The individual must meet financial eligibility. This includes applying for Social Security  Income or Social Security Disability Insurance.

  • The individual must qualify for Medicaid services.

  • Once Medicaid eligibility has been determined, the individual must undergo an assessment that is completed by ICDE to determine service eligibility.

  • The assessment will determine State plan DD service eligibility as well as DD Waiver services, which include various home and community-based resources.

  • Once eligibility is determined, along with an annual budget, the individual must select a plan developer or support broker to create a plan and access services.

  • The plan is submitted to an assigned care manager with Health and Welfare who can approve the selected services to begin accessing the resources such as Residential Habilitation, Habilitative Intervention, counseling, and many other options as well.


As you can see, the process can be not only daunting, but difficult, as many documents are required, and coordination of appointments are vital to the application.


Contact us to learn more about the process and how to obtain the necessary services available in your area!



Social Security  Administration Benefits For those with disabilities


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